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Thursday is the New Monday

For as long as most of us at HAT can remember, the first Monday of each month has seen new staff who have just joined member firms coming to our office for anti-money laundering training in the afternoon. They are often joined by familiar faces seeking an update in this area. Sometimes, the people attending this course will have been with us for the morning ‘Induction’ into the HAT Audit Manual. Over the past few years we have also run a more detailed induction course for firms using our paperless audit system with CaseWare on the second Monday of the month.

From February 2018, all this is changing:

On the first working Monday of the month we will be presenting an Induction to the HAT audit system, this will be suitable for staff from firms using both our paper and paperless CaseWare system as it will focus on the HAT methodology itself.  Then in the afternoon, staff who will be using CaseWare will stay for an additional, hands on session, covering file creation, document management and the increased functionality of the paperless system.  Please remember these courses are free for full member firms and they will be presented by Simon or Andrew, both of whom are actively involved in writing our audit methodology.

This means that our Anti-Money Laundering Course for staff will transfer to a Thursday afternoon, still 2-4pm and still in the first week of each month.

Given the onus from the new Regulations for senior management to understand the Regulations and Guidance in much greater detail than more junior members of staff we will also run a special course for them on the occasional Thursday in the morning starting on 3 May.

Training is of course key to ensure that firms comply with both their audit and anti-money laundering responsibilities. We are confident the new courses will be really valuable for new starters and experienced staff alike. If you have questions, would like to make bookings or would be interested in having training sessions in house please contact our Training Director, Andrew

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