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SRA Accounts Rules – Getting Your Report Right

Working on an SRA Assignment used to be ‘easy’. The SRA stipulated precisely what work you had to perform and most assignments resulted in a qualified report as the solicitor had breached one of the many technical rules the SRA issued.

This is no longer the case.

Accountants must now consider the nature and extent of work performed. Doing too much may make you noncompetitive but doing too little means material breaches of the Rules may be missed. Where breaches are identified there is significant confusion regarding what is ‘material’ and needs to be reported.

We are pleased to be presenting a 1/2 day course on 10 July covering these issues and looking ahead to the SRA’s brand new Accounts Rules, expected to be finalised later this year.

This course is vital for experienced members of the team, managing current assignments and advising solicitors on how to comply with the Rules in future. We have already presented this in house for firms with great feedback including:

“Your SRA course was a great success so congratulations and thank you.  [For one of the attendees to state] it was the best SRA course he’s ever attended is a true triumph.”

To book your place click here or contact Maggie.

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