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I would like to start this email by simply saying thank you. You have helped me massively to achieve a dream and I cannot begin to express how grateful I am, it is something I will never forget and I you have been instrumental in shaping my life!

Kind Regards

Charlie North

I have received feedback from both firms that I interviewed with. I am thrilled to confirm that I have received an offer.

Thank you again for your amazing support.


I was just about to send you an email saying how the interview went really well yesterday and that they offered me the job. I'm very excited to start. Thank you again for all the help and advice.
Kind Regards,


I'm just emailing to say thank you for all of the effort you have put in for securing me a job, it really means a lot to me. I hope we can stay in contact as it has been an amazing experience.
Best wishes,

N Ryan

I just wanted to inform you that I have received an offer, which I have accepted. I want to thank you again for your advice and amazing support. I really appreciate the care and effort you have put into helping me get this far. Thank you for everything.
Kind Regards,


I would like to put on record how impressed I have been with the HAT Group over this entire process. You have by far the fastest response times of any prospective employer that I have been communicating with, and the calibre of the positions that you offer ran beyond my expectations.
Kind Regards,


The recruitment service I experienced was top-notch and I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity.
Best Wishes,


I have recently used HAT Group to help pursue my interests in accountancy and was helped to do so by one of your employees, Anna Boast.
I just wanted to leave a message saying thank you and that Anna has been brilliant.
She has been amazing at helping me attain a job offer with valuable advice, and her sense of care definitely made it that much better!
Thank you,

S. Muneeb

Dear Anna
Thank you for all your help and for keeping me updated throughout the process. It has been a recruitment service that I will definitely be recommending other graduates to use.
Kind regards


Hi Anna
Thanks again and thank you personally for helping me to secure a training contract which I have wanted so much for quite a while now. I have really been impressed with the recruitment process as I felt like you really wanted to help me get a position.
Kind regards


Hi Anna
Thank you very much for all your help with finding a good job offer with a great company. I'm really looking forward to starting in late January.
Best wishes

T. Leftley

Hi Anna
I have been very happy with the process and would like to thank you for providing me with the opportunity. I have had several friends who are looking to start a career in accountancy and I have recommended the HAT Group to them all.
Kind regards


Hi Anna
Thanks a lot for all your help in getting this position, I'm really looking forward to getting started next week!
Kind regards


Dear Anna
I wish to thank you for your advice, time and effort you took to help me further my application. I found the HAT Groups recruitment process in general to be very efficient and helpful in comparison to some of your rivals, some of which are still only just getting back to me after my application in October/November time!
Thanks again and kind regards,


Dear Anna
I am pleased to say I have accepted a job offer with the firm you recommended me to and I would like to thank you for your consideration and recommendation to the firm.
Thank you for all your help.


Dear Anna
I would just like to thank you for your time and consideration throughout the process and also to let you know that I will be recommending you to people looking for accountant graduate schemes, as you were extremely helpful throughout the process.
Kind Regards,


Dear Anna
Thanks for all your help. You are certainly the nicest and most helpful recruiter that I have met.

Best wishes


Dear Anna
Thank you for all the help you have provided.
I look forward to seeing you closer to my start date.
Kind regards


Dear Anna
Thank you for your phone call yesterday. I had been out all day and so did not realise that my contract had in fact arrived. I was so happy to receive the news, and I have accepted the offer.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and support throughout the application process.
Many thanks,


Dear Anna
I would like to thank you personally for the constructive advice which you gave me in our interview and felt that this had a beneficial impact upon my performance in my interview with the firm. I look forward to seeing you again when I commence my training contract.


Hi All, I just wanted to write something about my experience with the HAT Group because I had a really good experience with HAT. I found the process was really fast and efficient and I know there isn't too much about them on here so hopefully this will help some people. I applied for Trainee ACA positions using the online form and heard back from their HR about 1 day later with an invite to do a maths test. This maths test was like I think it is described on here, not like the standard maths tests I have done for other firms and perfectly do-able. I received my score almost immediately which I'm sure you will agree is a massive relief and it's nice to know! Following the maths test I did a vocabulary test and again, was told my score very quickly after completing it. This test was also atypical but the instructions were clear and again, it was do-able. I was then invited to go to the HAT office for an interview. Here I met the person from HR I had been in correspondence with. She was really nice and made me feel at ease. The interview went well, a few competencies, questions about my work history, my degree and about accountancy (all the things you should expect I suppose). One nice thing is that after saying she would recommend me, I was offered feedback on my interview as I obviously had some areas which could be improved upon! I thought that this was really useful and extremely valuable to me as normally when someone is recruiting you, you don't get feedback until it is too late! The feedback she gave me I have definitely taken on board and I believe it helped me in my subsequent interviews.
I think that as HAT is not directly recruiting, they are in the unique position to offer feedback and I am really glad that they did. I don't know if this is always offered (maybe some of you already have perfect interview skills!) but I really appreciated it. Following the interview, about a week or so later I had an email saying I had been recommended to a firm. Turns out this firm wasn't looking for anyone else (or at least that's what I was told) and I was a bit disappointed and I thought I had missed my chance. I was then emailed again to say I had been recommended to two more firms - I thought that this was really good as they had still tried to find me a firm, despite the first one not being interested. I was recommended to two firms who both set up interviews with me. When I went to the firms I really thought I could fit in well to both, and I really felt that the things I had said in my interview (about the type of firm I thought I would fit with the best etc) had been taken on board. The interviews went really well (I applied the tips given in the first one!) and in the end I was offered both jobs. This was a brilliant success and I think that HAT helped me to find 2 firms I otherwise wouldn't probably have found.
Communication all the way through was great with the HR lady leaving me various voicemails and emails to check how I was getting on and unlike with some other companies, I felt like I was 'in the loop' all the time. They made me feel like they really wanted to find me a job that would suit me and the whole process was quite simple to navigate. All in all, if you're looking for a smaller firm and you aren't sure where to find some and you want a really high level of training, I recommend you apply to the HAT Group.

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