The latest edition of ICAEW’s Audit and Beyond magazine should have landed on the doormats of those of you with Audit & Assurance Faculty membership over the last few days.  Simon Kettlewell has written the lead article in the September 2021 edition, which talks about how to apply the requirements of the revised ISA (UK) […]
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) have issued their proposals on reform of the audit market. The proposals pick up on the recommendations made in the three reviews into the audit market that were carried out in 2018 (Kingman, CMA and Brydon), and include some changes that have long been suggested, such […]
We have developed a new on-demand training course for new users of the HAT methodology. This online training is broken down into 4 modules: Module 1: The “Basics” and the First Stages of Planning Module 2: Formal Planning Procedures Module 3: Audit Approach and Audit Sampling Module 4: Review and Finalisation This training focusses solely […]