The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) have confirmed the amendments to FRS 102 (which were formerly known as FRED 67). These amendments are simplifications of FRS 102 and are as a result of stakeholder feedback on the implementation of the new Standard. The FRC state that “the overall impact will be more cost-effective financial reporting with […]
It is now possible for staff to train for the ICAEW, CTA and ACCA qualifications within the Government’s Apprenticeship Scheme. There has been a lot of publicity about this and we at HAT have been working hard to understand the implications for firms. We expect the vast majority of firms to take advantage of the […]
Our Quarter 4 CPD update looks at what changes need to be made to ensure your practice complies with the new Money Laundering Regulations as well as what you need to do now to prepare for the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If you have not yet attended the update, Simon Kettlewell […]
It is vital for all accountants to manage their compliance obligations under the anti-money laundering and terrorist financing regulations correctly. Insufficient procedures can result in problems with your supervisory body, unnecessary stress and ultimately the senior management of firm committing a criminal offence.  Going to the other extreme and implementing procedures which are unnecessary for […]
The Charity Commission belatedly published their new Directions for Independent Examiners in September this year which have today been incorporated into our Charities Manual.  These new Directions were originally intended to be effective from March but now become mandatory for any report signed after 1 December 2017. Although the Commission suggests that examiners would have had […]
There has been some significant back-tracking from Teachers’ Pensions (TP) over the last month. Not that you would realise this from their website which simply suggests there has been a useful extension of their deadline for an independent review of schools’ End of Year Certificates (‘EOYC’s) until 30 November 2017. However, the revised version of their […]
We are happy to share with you our new website and our updated branding identity. A long time in the making, we feel that our updated identity is a step in the right direction. Whilst retaining a sense of the traditional, reflecting the 40-plus years that HAT have supported accountants in practice, we have made […]
Hello! My name is Maria and I began my training contract with the HAT member firm Wilder Coe LLP. I didn’t come from an accountancy background – I graduated from Northumbria University with a Spanish & Business degree, and then worked for Procter & Gamble for 4 years. I must admit that I was nervous […]
My name is Lucy Fielding and I am an ACA Trainee at Lewis Golden LLP in Marylebone, London. Having just completed my first six months as an accountant, I feel that I am fully settled into my new job and am looking forward to the challenges that my training contract will bring. Although I studied […]