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My name is Matthew and I am an ACA Trainee at Wilder Coe Ltd. I graduated from the University of Cambridge with a Classics degree and had no idea what I wanted to do next. Accountancy appealed to me because it offers the opportunity to learn foundational business knowledge and skills that will (hopefully) give me the flexibility to work in a variety of sectors and roles in the future.

I decided to apply to the HAT Group because I wanted to work for a smaller accountancy firm where I would feel valued as an individual and fully integrated. I started at Wilder Coe alongside another ACA Trainee who had also just graduated from university, and we joined a team of around twenty trainees that was easy to settle into straightaway.

A great thing about HAT is the level of training that they provide throughout your time at a member firm. I came into the job with absolutely no accountancy experience at all, but I spent first month of my contract on training courses, and by the time I started doing proper work, I felt that I had at least some grasp of what was going on. This support has continued throughout my first year – I always feel that I am given enough time and support to pass my exams, and HAT also provide additional courses to help with the more practical aspects of work.

It’s not all easy going though! As well as feeling supported, I also find my job challenging, and have been given responsibility from early on. My firm regularly pairs me with a more senior trainee and sends me out to client sites to gather data and to question senior management figures. The work that I am doing is stimulating and there are always new things to learn!