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Hello! My name is Maria and I began my training contract with the HAT member firm Wilder Coe LLP. I didn’t come from an accountancy background – I graduated from Northumbria University with a Spanish & Business degree, and then worked for Procter & Gamble for 4 years. I must admit that I was nervous about applying for training contracts, as I thought I was too “old” to be classed as a “graduate”. However, six months into my training contract I can honestly say it is the best career move I could have made.

I decided to apply with HAT Group as, after working for four years in a huge global organization, I wanted to experience working for smaller sized firm whilst being given a well-structured and balanced study schedule.  It’s been great getting to know students from other HAT member firms and to spend time together as a group during study and training courses (and sometimes when the course is over in the pub!).

At Wilder Coe I have been given the opportunity to work with various clients in a number of industries. I have worked on all areas of an audit and have also completed various accounts preparation jobs. I definitely believe that the level of experience I have gained and the responsibility I have been given so soon into my training contract could only be possible in a smaller sized firm.

The work isn’t easy but it is definitely rewarding! It is great to be able to apply my knowledge from exam studies to my everyday role.