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My name is Jack, and I am a current ACA apprentice with the HAT member firm Beavis Morgan (BM). I graduated from the University of Bath with a Mathematics degree and, unlike the majority of people my age, I always had a clear idea that I wanted to pursue a career in Accountancy. However, the type and size of firm I wanted to join was my biggest conundrum.

Working in a small-to-medium sized firm, in audit, has allowed me to have more responsibility earlier in my career and has allowed me to gain loads of experience in a wide range of sectors and industries that would not have been available to me working for a larger firm. Alongside the professional experience I have gained, being part of a smaller firm has also allowed me to work closely alongside highly experienced managers and partners which has only aided my development, and again this would not be available at a larger firm.

Being part of a HAT member firm means that I have had the opportunity to attend HAT training courses. These courses have allowed me to develop practical skills that were not taught in my studies, and has allowed me to ask questions that I did not feel comfortable asking my colleagues. The courses are also a great time to bond with your fellow HAT intake, with whom you’ll be studying with throughout your qualification.

The recruitment process is also very chilled, unlike some other firms I have come across and, the aptitude tests are passable unlike most I have attempted. If you’re lucky enough to get to the interview with Anna, she is brilliant and makes you feel comfortable in a situation that can be very nerve racking. She will also give you tips and pointers to aid you with your interview with a HAT firm or any other interviews that you may attend away from HAT.

The job isn’t all plain sailing however. The exams you sit are very challenging, and may not all be to your strengths or liking, however will prepare you for any accounting/business scenario you may find yourself in, and although challenging, if you’re willing to put the work and effort in, you are guaranteed to see the just rewards. The job has its challenging aspects also, and this keeps everyday interesting as no one day is the same.