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Ireland (UK audit firms)


Audit firms which are regulated by an accountancy body in the United Kingdom may register to perform statutory audits in Ireland. Any such audit assignments which are performed, need to be undertaken in accordance with Irish legislation, although accounting and auditing / ethical standards are common in both the United Kingdom and Ireland.

For audit firms regulated in the United Kingdom which use HAT's Manuals, there will already be a number of procedures in place for client acceptance and disengagement, consideration of competence, and compliance with anti-money laundering legislation. The HAT Audit Procedures and Anti-Money Laundering Procedures Manuals have been tailored for requirements in Ireland by "patching" existing Manuals (to avoid firms having duplicate procedures to cover what is the "same" area). The HAT Audit and Non-Audit Assignments manuals have been fully tailored to reflect all relevant legislation in Ireland. Use of these Manuals will enable a firm to demonstrate compliance with Irish requirements on corporate audit assignments in the event of a visit from the firm's current audit regulator.

These Manuals are available as a "single set", and are free of charge to main member firms, and can be included as part of a Manual Pack for firms subscribing to our Small Practitioner Scheme (Option 1) - these need to be specifically requested, as they will not be sent automatically. For other member firms, this can be purchased at a price of £159 + VAT. Non-member prices are available on request, and will be dependent upon which existing Manuals are purchased by that firm.

For quality control purposes, audit assignments on companies incorporated in Ireland may be reviewed by a member of the HAT team (either as an engagement quality control review, or as a cold file review). For member firms, this can be performed as a review included within the firm's member package. In all other cases (including for member firms which have no inclusive reviews available within their membership package), the review(s) will be chargeable, in accordance with HAT's current file review charging structure.