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Hello, my name is Holly and I joined Simmons Gainsford LLP in January 2019 as an ACA trainee.

I graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Mathematics. Although my degree developed my analytical and problem-solving skills, I had no previous accountancy experience. This was something I was very nervous about before starting however, I really hadn’t needed to be as most of the other HAT trainees were in the same boat as I was.

We spent the entire first month attending training courses in college which was a great opportunity to bond with my HAT intake. The courses gave me the necessary knowledge to be able to jump straight into preparing accounts when I finally started in the office.

Everyone at Simmons Gainsford was friendly and accommodating so I settled into the team quickly. This made it easy for me to be able to ask people for help when I needed it- which I am sure my senior will say I did a lot!  I was sent to clients very early on which gave me much more experience and therefore more confidence in my role.

The reason I applied to HAT Group was because of its specialism in small to medium sized accountancy firm but, the training they provide is as good all the larger firms. I really believe that you get more experience earlier on by working at  a smaller firm, which has been invaluable to me. Within a couple of months at SG I was already going on audits which added a new dynamic to the role and allowed me to continue learning and progressing.

I wanted to work in a place with a friendly and inviting environment in which you can get to know everyone and I have definitely achieved that by working at SG.

Although juggling work and exams can be tricky, it has definitely been worth the challenge. I am so pleased that I joined HAT Group and I am excited to my future with HAT will hold!