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Go Paperless

Many firms have made the move to a paperless approach to completing audit assignments, citing increased efficiency as well as the obvious reduction in the amount of paper being used in the office environment as the key drivers. However, the ability to attract and retain staff by using a paperless platform should not be underestimated.

HAT have partnered with CaseWare UK Ltd to provide firms with an efficient and effective solution to carrying out audit and non-audit assignments for Companies, Groups, LLP’s and Charities.

The HAT methodology is available in CaseWare’s AuditAdvanced platform, providing paperless tools for shorter, faster, risk focused audits. Designed with true flexibility and unparalleled automation, AuditAdvanced speeds up the audit process whilst maintaining tight control of accuracy and compliancy.

If you are interested in a demonstration of how the HAT methodology works within CaseWare AuditAdvanced, please contact Andrew Jarvis or Simon Kettlewell.

Please note that any agreement entered into between a firm and CaseWare is independent of any membership with HAT. The software is supplied independently by CaseWare UK Ltd and all details of pricing should be obtained directly through CaseWare.