Becoming an Effective R.I.

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02 Oct 2024
Central London
9:30 AM -1 PM
Managers who are seaking to become R.I.s and R.I.s with limited experience
Andrew Jarvis
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£135 + VAT
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£170 + VAT
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Content of Course

Stepping from audit manager to R.I. represents a significant challenge and change in role. R.I.s must:

  • Determine the overall audit plan rather than simply executing the agreed plan
  • Balance competing demands such as client service, audit quality and efficiency
  • Make difficult decisions and judgements, ensuring these are properly reflected in the audit working papers.

This course is aimed at those making the transition to acting as a Responsible Individual for the first time. The course is discussive, encouraging the participants to consider problems they expect to (or have already) come across in performing their new role. Topics covered include:

1. The responsibilities of the R.I. – how is this different to managing the assignment?
2. How to identify and deal with key audit issues;
3. Maintaining competence – CPD requirements in practice;
4. Ensuring audit quality – what can go wrong and how to avoid this;
5. Developing your portfolio.