AML – Introduction: Understanding Your Responsibilities

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2 hours
Adam Loake
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£95 + VAT
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£120 + VAT
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Content of Course

This course is designed for all new staff irrespective of their role, including support staff, unless they are due to attend the HAT B course. It covers:

  • a practical understanding of the term ‘money laundering’ and the types of offence staff may come across in practice;
  • the ‘red flags’ staff should be aware of which may suggest a money laundering offence has occured;
  • individuals responsibilities to report knowledge and suspision of money laundering;
  • an overview of the firm’s responsibilities;
  • client due diligence and how to apply this in practice.

The course also provides a brief overview of terrorist financing and the requirements of the Bribery Act 2010.

Please note that it is a criminal offence not to train all relevant staff in this area. Relevant staff would normally, as a minimum be professional staff, support staff involved in anti-money laundering procedures (such as client due diligence) and client facing support staff.