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Merry Christmas to all. Please note our office is closed on Thursday, 14th December and from 5pm on 21st December for Christmas, reopening on 2nd January.

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HAT Group - optimising your firm

Could your firm be working more efficiently? We’ll help you think ahead.

HAT Group offer a bespoke in-house consultancy service to make sure your firm is operating efficiently and sustainably.

Our practice wide review is suitable for firms who feel they are struggling to optimise their operations and develop or plan for the future.


Our bespoke consultancy service can take the form of counselling and mentoring for senior staff and partners, management-to-partner succession planning, practical advice for underperforming firms and a thorough practice assessment. We also offer an ad-hoc advisory service that can help a firm develop organisational goals and improve any specific weaknesses in its practice.

Our team will compile a report based on our findings to help you implement our suggestions to become a more effective and future-ready organisation.

To discuss how HAT Group can help your business prepare for the future, please call Ian Atkins or Simon Kettlewell on 020 721 9911, or email us at: ian@hatgroup.co.uk or simon@hatgroup.co.uk.