Reviews on all types of audit assignment provide assurance you and your team are complying with ISQM1 and ISA 220 . Based on our findings we will also make recommendations for improvements, including tips on how to be more efficient. A review can also provide you with peace of mind in preparation for a QAD visit.

We undertake quality control (cold) reviews on all types of audit assignment to allow you to comply with ISQM1 and ISA 220. Our experienced reviewers can also undertake ‘hot’ reviews including those on high risk or listed clients.

At the end of each review, we will discuss our findings in detail with you and provide a clear report containing our findings, recommendations, and a clear conclusion. Click here to make an enquiry or call 020 7213 9911.


File Review Prices


Type of review being performed Non-member Member
Audit £910 £705
Client Money Assignment (such as SRA, CLC, FCA) £910 £705
Assurance Reports (including independent examination / ATOL) £665 £515
Non-audit assignment (price for small company / entity only) £415 £320
Where applicable, the following additional charges apply (more than one may apply):
Entity is applying FRS 102 (including any FRS 102 SORP) £330 £255
Entity is applying IFRS (including use of FRS 101) £495 £385
Entity neither qualifies as small nor medium £330 £255
Entity prepares Consolidated Financial Statements £330 £255
Component auditors are involved £250 £190
Entity is AIM/AQSE Listed £250 £190
Comparatives are unaudited £250 £190
Entity is an Academy £330 £255
Hourly charge-out rate (charged in 15 minute increments) £330 £255
Charges apply per hour in respect of:

  • *Any file review of an entity within the remit of the AQR Team;
  • *Any Engagement Quality Review performed in accordance with ISQM (UK) 2;
  • Any correspondence required with the firm’s regulator;
  • Any revisit of a file review report, at a date later than the initial review; and
  • Additional travel time (up to 2.5 hours) when reviewing a single file at a firm’s premises.

* – This charge will apply instead of the fixed price quoted above.

  • All prices quoted above exclude VAT at the current rate
  • “Member” prices apply for firms taking a HAT Membership Package only


Member Non-member
Financial Reporting Framework SMALL(1) FRS 102(2) IFRS(3) SMALL(1) FRS 102(2) IFRS(3)
Stand-alone entity £705 £960 £1,090 £910 £1,240 £1,405
Large(4) Stand-alone entity £1,215 £1,345 £1,570 £1,735
Parent / Consolidation(5) £960 £1,215 £1,345 £1,240 £1,570 £1,735
Large(4) Parent / Consolidation(5) £1,470 £1,600 £1,900 £2,065
Supplement if component auditors are involved(6) £190 £190 £250 £250
Supplement if entity is AIM/ AQSE listed £190 £190 £250 £250
Supplement if comparatives are unaudited £190 £190 £190 £250 £250 £250
Supplement if entity is an Academy(7) £255 £330


  1. “Small” means utilisation of FRS 102 Section 1A, or for a charity, one which is not a “larger” charity as defined in the SORP (namely one with income of less than £500,000);
  2. “FRS 102” includes utilisation of any SORP (FRS 102);
  3. “IFRS” includes the use of FRS 101.
  4. “Large” based on entity / parent not qualifying as small / medium in accordance with sections 382 / 383 and sections 465 / 466 of Companies Act 2006, or would not qualify as small / medium if were governed by Companies Act 2006;
  5. When a Parent is preparing Consolidated Financial Statements, the review considers the audit of the parent company as a stand-alone entity and audit work undertaken on the consolidation process. A review of any subsidiary undertaking also audited by the parent auditor will be regarded as an additional review, and charged accordingly, in accordance with the prices noted above;
  6. Chargeable where the group includes components that are not audited by the parent auditor.
  7. Review of an Academy will also consider the Statement on Regularity.

Please note:

To ensure that we are able to complete and return files within your timescales, we work to the following schedule:

  • We require at least five working days’ notice of a file review being required by you; and
  • As it may not always be possible to schedule a file to be reviewed immediately when it arrives in the office, we reserve the right to take up to five working days to complete the review once the file has arrived in the office.

Therefore, if a file arrives in the office for a review for which we have not received prior notice, we reserve the right to take up to ten working days to complete the review. It is possible that we may be able to complete the file in a shorter timescale than these this, but this will depend upon staff availability. Please note that whilst we endeavour to complete reviews in accordance with this timescale, if a large number of files are received for review at the same time, we cannot guarantee to meet these timescales.

Details of prices of HAT membership (which include access to HAT Methodologies and HAT’s technical advisory helpline), or additional training and quality control services are separately available upon request.

Any firm may receive additional training and quality control services from HAT. Depending upon a firm’s requirements, HAT can create a package of services to meet your exact needs, which can then be payable monthly. This package will be priced at a discount to receiving the services separately.

Note that other than in respect of an Academy, a review of the audit of statutory financial statements does not consider any other (client money or regulatory) report. If it is necessary to review an additional (client money or regulatory) report, this will be regarded as an additional review, and charged accordingly, in accordance with the prices noted above.