Many firms have a DPB license, however this is a key area of non-compliance in ICAEW Practice Assurance Visits. From experience  a key reason for this is poor understanding across the team of what ‘DPB’ is and services the firm can and cannot provide under such a license. This course covers: What is a DPB […]
The 2017 Regulations require that all relevant members of your team receive regular update training. The content of this course will vary over time but will include: The basics – which areas cause problems in practice? Recent changes in legislation and guidance Current ‘hot topics’ identified by supervisory bodies
This two hour online update covers recent developments in the Charities sector. Presented by Andrew Jarvis, HAT’s Charities expert the course also covers common problematic areas we identify in file reviews. Specific topics will be finalised shortly before the course takes place but will include: Impact of the Charities Act 2022 Updates in Commission guidance […]
Stepping from audit manager to R.I. represents a significant challenge and change in role. R.I.s must: Determine the overall audit plan rather than simply executing the agreed plan Balance competing demands such as client service, audit quality and efficiency Make difficult decisions and judgements, ensuring these are properly reflected in the audit working papers. This […]
This 2.5 hour online course aims to assist auditors in their preparation for audits of entities with accounting periods commencing on/after 15 December 2021 (i.e. typically 31 December 2022 year ends and onward). We will look at the key issues and provide practical guidance on how to interpret and apply the new Standards. The course […]
ISQM (UK) 1 requires all audit firms by 15 December this year to: Establish the firm’s quality objectives; Identify and assess their quality risks; Design and implement appropriate responses; Design and implement monitoring activities. Firms will no longer be able to simply adopt an ‘off the shelf’ audit procedures manual, which is possible with the […]
In December 2023 the SRA announced a full review of their consumer protection arrangements as a result in general increase in the number and size of interventions they make into law firms. This highlights a key risk for reporting accountants and highlights the need for a robust approach to SRA assignments. This essential update, which […]
Compliance with the Money Laundering regulations has never been so important, or arguably, so difficult: The expectations of supervisory bodies, including the ACCA and ICAEW have increased significantly over the past twenty four months; The pandemic has resulted in a surge in fraudulent activity, but not necessarily an increase in reports made by firms; and […]
HAT provides technical update meetings covering current audit and accountancy developments and issues. These meetings are run at many firms’ offices on a quarterly basis with an online course also being run for anyone who does not have a meeting ‘in house’ or who missed their meeting each quarter. The quarterly course is held to […]