Our Audit, Non-Audit and Charity methodologies are available through Caseware’s AuditAdvanced desktop solution, which allows for shorter, faster, risk focused audits. Designed with true flexibility and unparalleled automation, AuditAdvanced speeds up the audit process whilst maintaining tight control of accuracy and compliancy.

Key Benefits

and fast
Enabling you to plan and conduct audits faster, whilst helping to raise efficiency by up to 50%.
Choose to follow integral methodologies or create firm or industry-specific procedures, checklists and documentation.
Experience one streamlined process when using with our accounts and tax solutions. Collaborate with colleagues faster when integrating with Caseware SmartSync.
View, store and exchange
Manage client documents, information and communication with teams and clients via Caseware Cloud.
Interactive Digital Dashboard
Giving the user a clear picture of the progress of an audit assignment in a snapshot.
Audit Optimisation
Allowing the easy removal of content relating to specific scenarios using our tailoring checklist.
Track risks
Raise risks at any time that are summarised in a comprehensive report. Risks can be assigned against individual procedures with significant risks flowing through to the audit completion section.
Extensive drill down capability
Giving users the ability to double click and drill down to detail relating to the figure concerned.
RI review assistance
Focus on schedules that need special consideration and sign off by a partner.
Document annotations and referencing
Providing a broad range of annotation options to add comments, issues, hyperlinks and much more.

HAT’s Solicitors Accounts Rules methodology is available through Caseware’s Smart Engagement platform, the next-generation of audit software and offers you all the benefits of cloud software plus leading-edge tools, enabling you to perform SRA assignments quicker and easier than ever before

If you are interested in a demonstration of how the HAT methodology works within Caseware AuditAdvanced, please contact Andrew Jarvis or Simon Kettlewell.

Please note that any agreement entered into between a firm and Caseware is independent of any membership with HAT. The software is supplied independently by Caseware UK Ltd and all details of pricing should be obtained directly through Caseware.