Audit Methodology

The Corporate Audit documentation is written and maintained in-house by our experienced team, and is updated regularly to comply with changes in both audit and financial reporting regulations – so you can rest assured it is always up to date. Regular updates make you aware of any changes to regulation that have been incorporated. Access to the documentation is available online to ensure you and your team always use the most up to date version.

This documentation is included in all membership packages.

If you’re looking to go paperless, our methodology is available within the CaseWare AuditAdvanced platform and the MyWorkpapers cloud-based platform.

Specialist Assignments

Alongside the corporate audit manual, we offer a wide range of documentation covering specialist assignments also written and maintained by our Technical Team, who have in-depth knowledge and experience across a variety of sectors.

Some of our membership packages include specialist assignments. If you have a package that doesn’t include them, they are available at a preferential price.

Our documentation is intuitive and user friendly making it easy to adopt in your firm.

Audit and
Non-Audit Methodologies
Annual Subscription
Annual Subscription
Corporate Audit £300 Included4
Non-Audit Assignments £200 Included4
FCA Client Assets Reports £240 £185
Charity Audit & Independent Examinations £200 £155
Pension Schemes £200 £155
SRA Accounts Rules £200 £155
Audit of Groups1 £160 £125
Limited Liability Partnerships1 £160 £125
Not for Profit Entities1 £125 £95
Academies2 £125 £95
Registered Social Housing Providers2 £125 £95
Property Agents’ Client Money Assignments £125 £95
ATOL Assignments £125 £95
Compliance Pack £400 Included4
Each Module may also be purchased separately:
Practice Assurance Framework £160 Included4
Audit Regulatory and ISQM Procedures £160 Included4
Anti-Money Laundering Procedures £160 Included4
All prices quoted exclude VAT at the current rate.

The annual fee above is chargeable on initial purchase of the product and then annually from 1 September in the following calendar year. Firms may cancel upon notification of the subsequent annual subscription or at any point. However, refunds are not provided if a product is cancelled part way through a subscription year.

Firms wishing to use multiple products may purchase a pack as follows:

  • Up to three methodology products for £15 per month
  • All our methodologies for £30 per month

Packs are added to a firm’s monthly membership fee for a minimum of twelve months.


  1. This is supplementary to the Corporate Audit Methodology / Non-Audit Assignments Methodology and should be purchased in conjunction with those.
  2. This is supplementary to the Charity Audit and Independent Examinations Methodology and should be purchased in conjunction with the Charity documentation.
  3. Member firms will receive some or all of our methodologies as part of their annual fee. The prices listed are for products excluded from a firm’s membership package.
  4. This is included in all membership packages offered except that the Corporate Audit and Audit Regulatory and ISQM Procedures Pack are excluded from non-audit packages.