Practice Assurance and Audit Compliance Partners spend a lot of unchangeable time carrying out the required annual compliance review. We can put time back in diaries by undertaking the review and producing a fully evidenced set of working papers.

Our review comprises of an initial discussion with the firm and then review of relevant documentation. Key issues are discussed at the end of the review and a detailed report with clear action points is provided, supporting the firm’s own conclusion on their System of Quality Management as required by ISQM (UK) 1.

For a firm of up to three principals operating from a single location and via a single legal entity taking any HAT membership package, the following prices apply:

Practice Assurance Compliance Review £1,340
Audit Compliance Review £1,225
Combined Practice Assurance and Audit Compliance Review £1,995

For other firms, these reviews are charged on an hourly basis.

A Practice Assurance Compliance Review excludes detailed consideration of other areas requiring specific review, including Anti-Money Laundering, Client Money and DPB.

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